Summary of Personal Values and Management Ethics

4 02 2010

We believe that in theory our personal value ethics will help our management ethics.  This will be done by making the best decisions for the organizations that we will intern or work for during the summer and after graduation. It will be evident as the value ethics we hold will influence our decisions and should flow into the management ethics with our future companies.

Personal Virtue is one of the personal value ethics that our group feels is an important aspect to bring into management ethics.  If an employee brings personal virtues to the company and integrates it into management ethics, it ensures that everyone within the company will treat others with the fairness and honesty that they would expect to receive from their peers.  This means that each employee will feel honorable and will reflect on a personable and company level.  As seen on this website, personal virtues are what hold a company together.  Without this aspect, there would be a lack of communication, trust, and unity within the corporation.

We also feel that responsibility is a personal value ethic that should be incorporated into management ethics.  In order to be a true leader within a company responsibility is a strong factor.  Each employee should be responsible for their own actions and stand behind their word, actions and achievements.  As seen here,, responsibility is a necessity both on a management and base level employee level.

Integrity is very important in today’s business world.  Without integrity, leaders in the company will not get the respect from employees that they deserve and which will help the company prosper.  In order to have a successful business, you must have integrity on all levels and in the decision making process of both small and large decisions.

Success is measured by the economic efficiency of a company.  Managers must make the ethical decisions that will help the company prosper in the long run, whether it is a gain to their personal value or not.  Personal management ethics revolves around the economic efficiency of the organization and whether they are balancing personal needs with the needs of the entire company. shows that economic efficiency is always in the minds of management in companies.

***In essence, we believe that our Personal values will help our management ethics. We believe that of these personal values, integrity and economic efficiency play a larger role in managing an organization, more-so than solely responsibility and personal virtue. To have integrity is to be a responsible leader; the two, in our opinion, go hand in hand. Through Personal virtues, you will also find a manager with integrity; a manager who adopts fair standards and can be proud of his actions and decisions. So, our two personal value ethics principles: Personal Virtues and Responsibility do play a role within our personal management ethics, but they do so discretely within the realm of Integrity and Economic Efficiency!


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